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Lets look at how this would begin to come together now.  The floor would
be carpeted, the bed would be in place, and now the cabinet would be painted and fitted out with a couple burners for cooking.  
Moving along with fitting out the Van, you'll notice the curtain behind the
front seat.  It is made by installing a piece of electricians tubing across
the roof seam over the back of the seats.  Wire shower curtain pins are
then installed over the rod and the long side of a beach towel are pierced by the pins at even lengths and then the pins are snapped closed.
Thus a simple and effective privacy screen.
This leaves only the two other interior items. The interior light, and the ice chest.  The ice chest will fit between the seats and just below
the curtain so it will further block view into the interior.  You only have to be in the interior after dark to appreciate having an interior light. This sketch shows the spare tire and louvers on the rear doors.
It completes the privacy of the interior and the rear mounted spare
saves space in the interior.  You may have noticed in the lower color
photo that there is a set of ladder racks which carry the awning.
.A pair of rear window louvers allows for good rear window vision
when in the drivers seat.  But those outside can't see inside very well. These add class to a Van and simply attach with clamps if you
have tilt out rear windows.  On fixed windows they attach with double stick foam tape.  If you didn't get the tilt out windows it
is advisable to find a wreck on a salvage yard and buy them and then install them on your van.  It will make all the difference in your comfort on a hot summer day when driving down the road.
Clips like this heavy paper clip are used.  Once in place the wire handle is squeezed together and removed from the clip.  These can be replaced once
a year if they begin to rust.  They are inexpensive.
Use 2 on the sides and bottom of each window louver.
This close up look at the curtain & rod shows
how simple this can be to rig.  You will likely
find some round base pieces the rod will fit into at a hard ware store and some metal screws can attach these to the metal frame
work of the inside of the Van. Door frame.
One half of a Tailgater folding table is 
shown here.  These are usually 2' wide
and 4' long. The legs fold up into the table half and then the table folds together to make a 2'x2'x 4" item.  It can be unhinged in the center and mounted
to the cabinet door easily.  Lifted up and the legs folded down for a solid table.
A simple propane stove like this one can be secured to the cabinet top with a couple bolds and spacers.  The line to the tank can
be cut and a suitable piece of hose
clamped between the metal lines to
remote the fuel tank.  $20 new.
An inverter such as this one can be
set up near the Battery of the Van
and a heavy extension cord can be used to power an electric stove 
similar to the gas unit above.  Nice
to have if you want to use appliances or a portable TV.
This Better Chef 2 burner electric
counter top stove can be found for
as little as $15 new.  But you will
need an electric inverter or outdoor grade extension cord & hook up.
Two 4000 btu Ceramic type gas heaters and one 5000 Ceramic Electric.
The electric has the advantage of theromstat temerature control.
Catalytic heaters are another 
option. This one has a low setting of 3500 BTU and high setting of
5000.  3500 BTU would keep a Van warm on cool to cold nights. Fuel is available from the maker or after market suppliers.  
Any of these heating devices will provide adequate heat for the user.
These are relatively safe when used properly.  The electric heater with thermostat and tip over safety is the safest if you have electric.