Page 6
A check list of handy items and materials to keep in your Van
Hammer, small bag of assorted size nails, pocket knife, 1/4 inch
clothesline cord, roll of duct tape, nylon twine, foxhole shovel, 
folding pruning saw, plires, small roll of wire, bucket, clothes pins,
extra plastic tarps 6x8 for ground cloths, whisk broom, bug spray,
flashlight, heavy outdoor grade extension cord.

Towels, wash cloths, shaving kit, changes of clothing items, rain coat
seasonal clothing such as swim wear or warm coat & gloves etc.

Mess kit, kitchen cooking utensils, can opener, matches, small bottle of dishwashing liquid, dish cloth, scouring pad, dish towel, spice containers, measuring cup & spoons, camp recipes and supplies to make these, paper plates & holders, plastic cups, paper towels, aluminum foil.

There should be ketchup, mustard, mayo, instant coffee, creamer, sugar, small bottle of cooking oil, bread, canned luncheon meat,
dried soups, canned hash, eggs, bottle of liquid butter, cheese,
crackers, summer sausage, small container of powdered milk, etc.  The condiments could be items saved from fast food places.

A camp lantern, catalytic heater in cold weather, gallon of fuel, 12 vdc/115 vac power inverter, and NOAA weather radio can be handy to have along.  A tool box and first aid kit manual are also worth considering.  Much of this can stow in the cabinet.

A 36 quart Ice Chest with upper tray is a must have. 8 or 10 lbs of
ice will last most of the weekend if the water level is kept drained down to where there is a very small amount in the bottom.  Learning
to gauge this comes with experience.  Check the water level more
during the heat of the day and less frequently in the cool of the 
evening.  Then before bed time and upon arising in the morning.